2017 Grace Moore Memorial Competitors’ Assistance Scholarship Award Applications!

The application period for Grace Moore Scholarships is now open. It is available under the Downloadable Forms to the right of this site.

Applicants must designate a New Jersey club as their U.S. Figure Skating home club. An applicant’s NJ home club must be a registered member of the NJ Council of FSC in order to be eligible to apply for a grant. IHNJFSC is a member of the NJCFSC. To be eligible for a Senior Scholarship a skater must be a Novice, Junior or Senior Level skater AND have competed for two consecutive years at a qualifying competition.

For a Junior Scholarship the skater must be a Juvenile or Intermediate skater and have competed at least one year at a qualifying competition. 

Please follow the instructions from NJCFSC very carefully.

Please Note: There are three parts to complete: application, essay, and certification(note a permission to test is not an acceptable certification the test chair needs to certify) for a total of three pages. All parts must be submitted to the test chair for signature. Skaters under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian certify the originality of the essay.

Print neatly or type on one side only. Do not staple or bind pages together. Application must be postmarked by March 15, 2017. Absolutely NO late entries will be accepted or considered.    The skater MUST complete the correct year’s application and must have the signature of a club offical, a blanket permission letter will be considered an incomplete application. The skaters home club must be a registered member of NJ Council of FSC otherwise the skater is not eligible for a grant. If the skater did not compete due to injury a doctors note must accompany the application to be considered. If the doctor’s note is not attached the application will be rejected.