PayPal Membership Payments

To pay for a membership option or options, click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the item you want and you will see the shopping cart appear on the bottom of the page with your purchase. You can add multiple items to the shopping cart before you move to make your purchase. You can remove something from the shopping cart by clicking the red button next to the item. The PayPal option allows you to purchase using your PayPal ID, or you can purchase without having an ID as well.

Please **NOTE** that paying for the membership is only half of your process, you must also fill out the appropriate membership application and either drop it off in the “Skating Club Mailbox” in the Ice House Skating Office next to Rink 1, or send it to the address on the form.

Thank You !!



Non-Skating Parent and Skater Membership (skater under 18)

Renewal $120

Introductory (first time) $80

Individual Club Membership (skater 18 and over)

Renewal $75

Introductory (first time) $60


Second Family Member

Renewal $45

Introductory (first time) $30


Third Family Member

Renewal $10

Introductory (first time) $10


Forth Family Member

Renewal $0
Introductory (first time) $0


Coach (Not Testing)

Renewal $70


Associate Membership

Renewal $50


Collegiate Membership

Renewal $70