PayPal Testing Payments

To pay for a test or multiple tests, click on the “Add to Cart” button next to the test you want and you will see the shopping cart appear on the bottom of the page with your purchase. You can add multiple tests to the shopping cart before you move to make your purchase. You can remove a test from the shopping cart by clicking the red button next to the test. The PayPal option allows you to purchase using your PayPal ID, or you can purchase without having an ID as well. Thank You !!

Please **NOTE** that paying for the test or tests is only half of your process, you must also fill out the appropriate test application and it must be mailed to the address on the form. The test applications cannot be left in the office because the postmark date on your application envelope is used to place you in an available testing slot. We encourage you to submit your test applications as early as possible to avoid missing out on one of the available testing slots. Thank You !!



Additional NonMember and Associate Member Fees

For each test you select, please add the appropriate additional fee PER test. Thank You.

Associate Members add $15.00 per test

NonMembers add $25.00 per test


Moves in the Field Tests

Pre-Preliminary $50.00

Preliminary $55.00

Pre-Juvenile $60.00

Juvenile $65.00

Intermediate $70.00

Novice $95.00

Junior $90.00

Senior $90.00


Free Skate Tests

Pre-Preliminary $50.00

Preliminary $55.00

Pre-Juvenile $60.00

Juvenile $65.00

Intermediate $70.00

Novice $70.00

Junior $80.00

Senior $80.00



Dutch Waltz $35.00

Canasta Tango $35.00

Rhythm Blues $35.00

Swing Dance $35.00

Cha Cha $35.00

Fiesta Tango $35.00

Hickory Hoedown $40.00

Willow Waltz $40.00

Ten Fox $40.00

Fourteenstep $40.00

European Waltz $40.00

Foxtrot $40.00

American Waltz $40.00

Tango $40.00

Rocker Foxtrot $40.00


More Dance

Kilian $40.00

Blues $40.00

Paso Doble $40.00

Starlight Waltz $40.00

Viennese Waltz $40.00

Westminster Waltz $40.00

Quickstep $40.00

Argentine Tango $40.00

Juvenile Free Dance $70.00

Intermediate Free Dance $70.00

Novice Free Dance $70.00

Junior Free Dance $80.00

Senior Free Dance $80.00


Adult Moves in the Field

Adult Pre-Bronze MIF $50.00

Adult Bronze MIF $60.00

Adult Silver MIF $70.00

Adult Gold MIF $80.00


Adult Free Skate

Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate $50.00

Adult Bronze Free Skate $60.00

Adult Silver Free Skate $70.00

Adult Gold Free Skate $80.00