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Ice House of New Jersey Figure Skating Club

Testing Policies and Procedures

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(Adopted: March 26, 2002, Revised: April 7, 2009)

One of the primary obligations that the Ice House of New Jersey Figure Skating Club (“IHNJFSC”, the “Club”) has to its members is to provide test sessions on a regular basis. Testing enables our skaters to measure their level of accomplishment and to demonstrate that they are proficient and qualified to compete at the regional level. The following policies and procedures outline how the Ice House of New Jersey Figure Skating Club will conduct its testing program.

The Club is a member of U.S. Figure Skating. The Club will conduct all tests pursuant to U.S. Figure Skating rules and regulations as outlined in is official rulebook in effect at the time of the test.
Within this document, “he”, “him”, “his”, or other pronouns are used without specific reference to gender.

The Club, through the Board of Directors, shall elect a Test Chairperson (“Test Chair”). The Test Chair shall have overall responsibility of the Club’s testing program. The Test Chair shall work closely with the Club President and Board and he or his designee shall be responsible for: 1) the annual testing schedule, 2) arranging
required ice time, 3) preparing test applications, 4) receiving and processing test applications, 5) securing
appropriate judges, 6) scheduling individual test sessions, 7) conducting and managing test sessions (volunteers, music, hospitality, etc), 8) reporting test results to U.S. Figure Skating, 9) obtaining test recognition awards (test pins), 10) disbursing testing awards and certificates, 11) issuing/arranging recognition letters.